Poor animals Carrying the burden of ‘Evolved’ species…

Today I asked myself few questions about other species on this planet.
Have I ever read/heard anything
1) About sexual assault by one gender among other species.
2) Or about young ones being sodomized or raped by other members of the same species.
3)Or about a group forcing themselves upon ‘weaker’ members of their species.
4)Or about one’s enslavement for satisfying other’s lust for power and pleasure.
Never! I “never” heard any such things.
Then why do we compare these acts with animal acts (especially wolves)? Animals attack either to feed themselves or to protect themselves. Why are they made examples for the “evolved” Homosapiens acts? We need to change this trend. Humans should be made accountable for human acts.
And the larger question is that if these acts do not relate to the human species, then why do we advocate for the human rights of those who commit them.

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