Falling And Failing…

With the small experience of life (falls = 10-12 times in 3yrs), I believe all of us are allowed to fall, have setbacks in our lives and what we are not allowed is failing. To my understanding, there is nothing like ‘failing’ it's just that we miss our goals or target. So technically if there is something that does not exist, how we can associate ourselves. Lightly speaking, if you miss a target shift your target. It may sound funny but this is how these days we all work. The basic difference between the two words falling and failing is, one teaches the basic essence of the functioning of life and the other gives a sense of losing, degrading, and self-doubting. One is nature-driven and the other is coined by biased comparative human thoughts.

Life is beautiful and so are you… yes! there are hard times when we see our things falling apart, there are times when our years of hard work get no recognition, there are times when our dreams crumble down. In the race of chasing our dreams, we lose my things ranging from material to people, but it is worth it. It is our dream. We may find ourselves alone separated from friends, family, the fun of life. It may happen that we lose the best things that happened to us. But it's our dream and we need to harness it with everything that is required.

ONCE my machines teacher said and I quote “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to other. Losses (resistance) are the essential evil, once our input is more than the losses our machine starts to run”. I added one more line “ If the losses are high and our input is barely able to overcome losses, then we should change the machine because running it is no more economical.” So, it may happen that we may not hit the target even after putting in all the inputs, then it’s time to have a good sleep and dream again.

Electrical Engineer l Economics enthusiast.