DECLARATION: I am not a specialist in this area, there are many variables that I would have missed. It is simply a raw analysis of data present on different websites. My ideas will be based on high-school mathematics.

Today, with my limited knowledge, I am going to interpret the pattern of COVID-19 disease spread using graphs and some basic mathematics. Finally, I will try to conclude what can be the possible future. Let us understand few terms that I am going to use in this analysis. You can simply click on them and read about them in depth.

With the small experience of life (falls = 10-12 times in 3yrs), I believe all of us are allowed to fall, have setbacks in our lives and what we are not allowed is failing. To my understanding, there is nothing like ‘failing’ it's just that we miss our goals or target. So technically if there is something that does not exist, how we can associate ourselves. Lightly speaking, if you miss a target shift your target. It may sound funny but this is how these days we all work. The basic difference between the two words falling and failing is…

छाया मत छूना — गिरिजाकुमार माथुर

छाया मत छूना
मन, होगा दुख दूना।
जीवन में हैं सुरंग सुधियाँ सुहावनी
छवियों की चित्र-गंध फैली मनभावनी;
तन-सुगंध शेष रही, बीत गई यामिनी,
कुंतल के फूलों की याद बनी चाँदनी।
भूली सी एक छुअन बनता हर जीवित क्षण
छाया मत छूना
मन, होगा दुख दूना।

यश है या न वैभव है, मान है न सरमाया;
जितना ही दौड़ा तू उतना ही भरमाया।
प्रभुता का शरण बिंब केवल मृगतृष्णा है,
हर चंद्रिका में छिपी एक रात कृष्णा है।
जो है यथार्थ कठिन उसका तू कर पूजन
छाया मत छूना
मन, होगा दुख दूना।

दुविधा हत साहस है, दिखता है पंथ नहीं,
देह सुखी हो पर मन के दुख का अंत नहीं।
दुख है न चाँद खिला शरद-रात आने पर,
क्या हुआ जो खिला फूल रस-बसंत जाने पर?
जो न मिला भूल उसे कर तू भविष्य वरण,
छाया मत छूना
मन, होगा दुख दूना।

As Mark Manson says, all of us are always wrong, every attempt that we make is to become less and less wrong. Here I have few examples that will illustrate this point.

1) Every design engineer knows that he cannot reach Carnot engine efficiency but he tries to reach the closest limits. But if reaching the ideal case is set as a measure of correctness, he is wrong in every attempt.

2) Every control system tries to exactly reproduce the desired signal at its output from the given input signal. …

Poor animals Carrying the burden of ‘Evolved’ species…

Today I asked myself few questions about other species on this planet.
Have I ever read/heard anything
1) About sexual assault by one gender among other species.
2) Or about young ones being sodomized or raped by other members of the same species.
3)Or about a group forcing themselves upon ‘weaker’ members of their species.
4)Or about one’s enslavement for satisfying other’s lust for power and pleasure.
Never! I “never” heard any such things.
Then why do we compare these acts with animal acts (especially wolves)? Animals attack either to feed themselves or to protect themselves. Why are they…

Vipin Rai

Electrical Engineer l Economics enthusiast.

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